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Onions, Baked PD
Quark, how to make GE


Rabbit, stewed AC
Raisin Bread GE
Raspberry Dessert GE
Raspberry Tapioca w Vanilla Sauce GE
Red Beets, Sweet and Sour SH
Red Cabbage AC
Red Cabbage GE
Red Cabbage & Apple Salad ME
Reibekuchen GE
Rhabarber Grütze ME
Rhubarb Tapioca ME
Rich Pastry PD
Rieve, Süß und Sauer SH
Roast Beef with Onion Sauce PD
Roast of Pork SH
Rohgeröste Kartoffel AC
Roll-Ups, Cabbage PD
Rolls GE
Rosenkohl ME
Rosinen Zopf GE
Rot Kraut AC
Rote Beete, Süß und Sauer SH
Rote Grütze mit Vanille Soße GE
Rote Grütze with Sauce AC
Rote Rieve, Süß und Sauer SH
Rotkohl AC
Rotkohl GE
Rotkohl und Apfelsalat ME

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AC = Amana Colonies  
AM = Amish  
ME = Mennonite
PD = Pennsylvania Dutch
SH = Shaker
GE = Germanic
         (Austria, Switzerland,
         Germany, Lichtenstein)

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