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Schnippled Bean Salad - Frenched Bean Salad, Mennonite

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1 qt of green or yellow string beans
1 smallish onion
salt & pepper

1 t sugar
1 t vinegar
3/4 c sour cream

Cut the stems off the beans, wash them, then schnippel them - that means cutting the beans on a slant in very thin slices, one bean being cut into 3 or 4 long slices. Put the beans into boiling salted water and cook them just long enough to be barely soft. Drain and cool them. Meantime peel and slice the onion and sprinkle it liberally with salt and stir it around and stir it around; let it stand for 15 minutes, giving it a stir now and then. In a bowl large enough to contain the beans put the sugar, vinegar, 1/2 t salt, a good sprinkling of pepper and sour cream. Stir all together. Now take the salted onion into your hand and with the other hand squeeze as much of the juice out of the onions as you can. Put the squeezed onion into the dressing, pour the drained beans into the bowl and mix with the dressing till all the beans are generously coated - you might need more cream.

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