German Money -- how do you know if you hold a real bill in your hand?

Safety features: The technical development has reached our money. It has become safer against reproduction with the help of modern technology. The German Bank has developed a series of banknotes with improved safety features. It's easy to determine if a bill is genuine with the following safety features:
1. Safety thread

There is a safety thread in certain areas of the bill. It appears to be shiny and silver. If held against the light the thread will appear as a solid line. This line is imprinted with the value of the bill.

2. Watermark

The watermark has been created by having a different thickness of the paper. When held against the light a mirrored image and the value of the bill will appear.

3. Tilt effect

When the bill is tilted and turned the sign "DM" will appear. Depending on the direction you look at it the "DM" sign will be dark or light.

4. See-Through-Register

There is a hexagon on the front and back side of the bill. In each of them there are little segments, which will form a "D" when the bill is held against the light.

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